Harp Lessons

I require 48 hours’ notice to cancel a lesson; details on this policy are communicated at our first meeting. If you cancel our first meeting less than 48 hours in advance, I will bill you for my time. Time reserved for you is time I can’t schedule with anyone else!

Harp Fraud Alert!
If you think the price of a harp is too good to be true – it is. A company in Pakistan is copying the Harpsicles harp line by Rees Harps. The forgeries are markedly inferior. Don’t buy them, and don’t let your friends buy them. Find out what Rees has to say about it here. 


The harp is uniquely rewarding for beginners! I teach beginner harp workshops through the West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts (WCCMA). Harps are provided, and class size is limited so that you’ll get plenty of time on a harp. No musical experience is necessary: we won’t be using written music to learn tunes. The fee is by donation so that absolutely everyone can afford these programs.

Read journalist Jon Wolper’s beautifully written story about the February 2014 workshop here!

Workshops are advertised in local news sources, on WCCMA’s website, and listed on my Events page.


I teach novices. If you’re moving to the area and already have some harp experience, please contact Lindsay Perricone at 631-553-0934. Mrs. Perricone holds a Masters degree in harp from SUNY Potsdam and teaches in Canaan, NH.

Rates: I teach out of my home in Claremont, NH. Private lessons are $20/half-hour, and payment is due in full at the beginning of each month. My husband and I have a cat and a large-breed hound, so please keep that in mind if you have allergies!

Rentals: I currently have one 26-string Harpsicle harp available for rent at a rate of $20/month/harp1. These harps are an excellent choice for beginners: their tension and string spacing is similar to larger instruments, but their low cost gives you a chance to decide if you like playing before you make a large investment!

Content: I can teach you — a novice — how to find your way around the harp, how to read music, harp hand position, basic techniques such as cross-overs and cross-unders, fundamental building blocks like intervals and arpeggios, harmonics and other fun effects, and I can help you learn some music to play for your family, friends, and your own enjoyment.

Since the harp is a polyphonic instrument (it can play more than one note at a time), you’ll find that studying it will lead you to a solid understanding of the practical applications of music theory.

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Parties are not available at this time. The harps are currently rented to students! 

Do you want to offer your guests something different this year? Five of your guests can participate in a harp workshop, including a simple song to perform for everyone when it’s done! I can take them from tone-deaf to tuneful in less than an hour, absolutely no musical experience required. The $150 fee includes 45-50 minutes of teaching, five small harps and related equipment, and travel within 30 minutes of my home. All you’ll need to provide is a smoke-free, climate-comfortable space with a little privacy (so the new harpers can feel free to make mistakes while they’re learning!).

1Rates are valid while taking lessons from me. Each harp comes with a case, tuning wrench, and adjustable floor stand.