rom time to time I’ll add new resources here, as I complete them in the course of performance prep or pursuing areas of personal interest. Items on this page are provided free of charge, but if you find them useful, helpful, or enjoyable, Jeremy and I ask you to consider a donation to our local arts center. Claremont is a rural city sorely in need of the quality-of-life improvements which stem from the arts, and WCCMA is the only organization in the city working to make the arts available to all, regardless of income.

 Donations post directly to WCCMA’s account, though PayPal will show “Union Church” as the donee.

2018 All State Candidates:

Chorale Audition Track, Alto:

Solo Audition Track, Medium-Low:


Classroom Resources

Harp String Diagram. A 2’x3′ poster in PDF format, optimized for commercial printing. Email me if you would like the Publisher file.


Wedding Hymn: “Our Lord, We Seek Your Company,” a wedding hymn for piano and voice. Lyrics and piano arrangement were written by Jeremy Biggs (my husband) for our wedding. This song is meant to be sung by the congregation as a prayer over the couple. We used it at the beginning of our ceremony, just after the procession.

Creative Commons License

Schubert’s Ave Maria IN FRENCH: In the sheet music below, the French words of the Hail Mary are set to the melody only. I did not start each verse with the classic Latin “Ave Maria.”


 Psalm 23: This is an arrangement of Psalm 23 for lever harps with at least 22 strings. I chose a Phrygian Dominant scale, and translated the Hebrew words to harp by assigning one Hebrew letter to each harp string. I included the English and Hebrew words for each line, vertical marks to indicate the divisions between Hebrew words, and brackets to help with placement (the music is jumpy!). Note heads indicate pitch and stems indicate RH or LH.

  • Psalm 23 : For 22-string harp or larger, using a base note of C. Best used if you have a harp dedicated to this kind of praying, since you will need to re-tune your harp to [C  Db  E  F  G  Ab  Bb].
  • Psalm 23 – Eb or Bb : For larger harps tuned in Eb or smaller harps tuned in Bb. No retuning necessary if you have levers on F and A for a harp tuned in Eb, or on F for a harp tuned in Bb.